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Transmission Repair And Service

Clutch, Automatic and Manual Transmissions


Whether your vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission, maintenance is critical. With a manual transmission the gear oil needs regularly changed, and the correct type and quantity of fluid must be used.  Also unique to the manual transmission is the clutch. Clutches don’t’ require adjustment anymore because they use a hydraulic control system. The hydraulic fluid has a two year life span, and regular maintenance will preserve the life of the awfully named clutch master and slave cylinders.


Somewhat a relic of the past, there’s still a few manual transmissions on the road, but most of us have switched to the automatic transmission. The modern automatic transmission can have 10 or more speeds, thus allowing remarkable fuel economy. With the advent of these transmissions, the cost of replacement has skyrocketed. As with engines, most transmissions are remanufactured in professional clean facilities which control against contamination. In order to avoid replacement, fluids must be replaced at the manufacturer’s scheduled interval. Many manufacturers call the transmission fluid a lifetime fluid, however we’ve seen many transmissions which require the fluid be changed after it’s been overheated or contaminated.


Having the right tools and experience is critical before attempting to change the fluid in your automatic transmission. Most don’t have dipsticks anymore, but instead are checked using a computer while interfacing the transmission control module. Sounds crazy, right? Cars are more reliable than ever, and it’s because of all this technology. No matter what the system, maintenance is critical. Call today to make your appointment for scheduled maintenance!

We Love Happy Customers


  • "As a single woman, it had been difficult to find a mechanic who 1) didn’t overcharge me or 2) treat me as a ditz who doesn’t know anything about cars. Zach does neither. He always tells me the way it is, explaining what I don’t understand and giving me all the information I need to make my own choice about my car repairs. I totally trust him. He’s a gem!"

    Sandra C. - Eugene, OR Ashland Automotive Customer
  •  “I have lived in the Valley for ten years and I finally have a trustworthy master level technician to work on my cars.  Zach is professional and completely trustworthy.  You can’t go wrong when taking your car to get worked on here.”

    David M. - Ashland, OR Ashland Automotive Customer
  • “Well a last minute call to this business and they delivered on their promise. The prices were a bit “Bay Area”, but in this case it was worth it. They are knowledgeable and competent, I liked dealing with them.  They also help people in the community to buy and sell their cars.  Thanks Ashland Automotive.”

    J D. - Ashland Ashland Automotive Customer
  • “I’ve been bringing my Audi here since I moved to Ashland in 2011, and keep coming back. Great service, fair prices and nice people to work with. Zach and his crew are tops!”

    Joseph L. - Ashland, OR Ashland Automotive Customer


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