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The steering and suspension systems of today are incredibly sophisticated compared to those of the past. Common to most every car, the suspension system consists of the shocks, struts, upper and lower control arms, bushings, ball joints, and more. The steering system consists of the power steering gear (either a gear on bigger trucks, or a rack-and-pinion on light trucks and passenger cars), power steering pump and fluid, tie-rod ends, and the steering knuckle which turns with the front wheels. Let’s not forget the tires! Most steering and suspension components are wear-and-tear items, and failures are caused by regular driving. If you live on, or regularly drive on rough roads, your car or truck will need more regular repair. Common repairs needed for the suspension system are shocks, struts, ball joints, and control arm bushings.


After replacing certain suspension components, the wheel alignment is usually out of calibration. Correct 4-wheel alignment prolongs tire life, and conversely, incorrect wheel alignment can quickly ruin a set of good tires. Often times an alignment can’t be performed until worn steering or suspension components are replaced. Hitting curbs, potholes, rough road conditions, and just plain regular use all contribute to wear and tear on the suspension system.


Maintaining your power steering fluid is very helpful to extend the life of the power steering pump, and rack-and-pinion (steering gear). Whether its repair, or just regular maintenance, our team of experts can help you today with all your steering and suspension needs. Call us today and ask about our new tires and wheel alignment services!

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  • "As a single woman, it had been difficult to find a mechanic who 1) didn’t overcharge me or 2) treat me as a ditz who doesn’t know anything about cars. Zach does neither. He always tells me the way it is, explaining what I don’t understand and giving me all the information I need to make my own choice about my car repairs. I totally trust him. He’s a gem!"

    Sandra C. - Eugene, OR Ashland Automotive Customer
  •  “I have lived in the Valley for ten years and I finally have a trustworthy master level technician to work on my cars.  Zach is professional and completely trustworthy.  You can’t go wrong when taking your car to get worked on here.”

    David M. - Ashland, OR Ashland Automotive Customer
  • “Well a last minute call to this business and they delivered on their promise. The prices were a bit “Bay Area”, but in this case it was worth it. They are knowledgeable and competent, I liked dealing with them.  They also help people in the community to buy and sell their cars.  Thanks Ashland Automotive.”

    J D. - Ashland Ashland Automotive Customer
  • “I’ve been bringing my Audi here since I moved to Ashland in 2011, and keep coming back. Great service, fair prices and nice people to work with. Zach and his crew are tops!”

    Joseph L. - Ashland, OR Ashland Automotive Customer


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