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Scheduled Maintenance



Gone are the days of the tune-up. In days of past, a mechanic would change the spark plugs, air filter, set the points, and tune the carburetor, and voila, the tune-up was complete. With spark plugs lasting 150k miles, and carburetors rusting out in salvage yards all across the country, the conventional tune-up is a phrase from the past. These days vehicles still need regular service, but the service is called scheduled maintenance. The schedule is set forth by the vehicle manufacture, and is based upon the region where the vehicle is most driven.


Just like your engine oil needs changed regularly, so too do other components. This is called preventative maintenance. We don’t wait until our engine oil is black before we change it, right? So why would we wait for our other fluids to be ruined before changing? Regular items to be changed at scheduled intervals are spark plugs, air filters, cabin air filters, transmission oil, front and rear differential oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, timing belts, alternator and power steering pump belts, and more. The benefits of performing regularly scheduled maintenance far outweigh the cost. You can have peace of mind knowing your vehicle has had regular service by your trusted technicians. By keeping fresh fluids, and clean filters, the life of these systems are prolonged. Also, when selling your vehicle, it’s worth a lot more when the seller can show proof of scheduled maintenance.


Time and time again we are attempting to fix a problem in a vehicle which has been neglected. It’s no surprise that these are the toughest vehicles to fix, and the toughest customers to help! We’re in the business of helping people, and we love it. Help us help you by performing regularly scheduled maintenance!

We Love Happy Customers


  • "As a single woman, it had been difficult to find a mechanic who 1) didn’t overcharge me or 2) treat me as a ditz who doesn’t know anything about cars. Zach does neither. He always tells me the way it is, explaining what I don’t understand and giving me all the information I need to make my own choice about my car repairs. I totally trust him. He’s a gem!"

    Sandra C. - Eugene, OR Ashland Automotive Customer
  •  “I have lived in the Valley for ten years and I finally have a trustworthy master level technician to work on my cars.  Zach is professional and completely trustworthy.  You can’t go wrong when taking your car to get worked on here.”

    David M. - Ashland, OR Ashland Automotive Customer
  • “Well a last minute call to this business and they delivered on their promise. The prices were a bit “Bay Area”, but in this case it was worth it. They are knowledgeable and competent, I liked dealing with them.  They also help people in the community to buy and sell their cars.  Thanks Ashland Automotive.”

    J D. - Ashland Ashland Automotive Customer
  • “I’ve been bringing my Audi here since I moved to Ashland in 2011, and keep coming back. Great service, fair prices and nice people to work with. Zach and his crew are tops!”

    Joseph L. - Ashland, OR Ashland Automotive Customer


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Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduled Maintenance