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Engine Repair Services

Complete Engine Repair and Replacement


Sometimes engines just break. Whether it’s poor design, age, or poor maintenance, our gasoline and diesel engines need repairs, and eventually need replaced. Our shop invests in the special tools required to repair and replace the engines on the road today. In days of old, shops would rebuild engines in-house, meaning the mechanic would remove the engine, disassemble the engine completely, and then refurbish the engine block. The block houses the fast-moving internal parts such as the crankshaft, pistons, and the connecting rods. See this video.


Modern engineering has led to internal engine clearances/tolerances being so incredibly tight, such as .0001” (that’s ten-thousandths of one inch), that the engine must be assembled in “clean” facilities which are dust controlled and more like laboratories. These practices must be adhered to in order to obtain the longevity designed into the engine. Sure, we could rebuild your engine, but would it last 150k miles like the first one?

We want you to have the best product, with the best warranty. This is why we install professionally re-manufactured engines which can come with 100k mile nationwide warranties. The technician removes the old engine assembly, disassembles the components mounted to the engine, then re-installs those components onto the new engine (long block). At this time the cooling system is also addressed to make certain it’s in tip-top shape, thus allowing the new engine to cool properly.


It’s always difficult to know where to “draw the line” when it comes to replacing engines, and we want our customers to get the most benefit for the hard-earned money they spend. The process can be difficult and confusing without help, and our service advisors are here for just that reason; to help guide you through the process. If you have a car or truck which needs major engine repair, call us today and benefit from our years of experience navigating the process.

We Love Happy Customers


  • "As a single woman, it had been difficult to find a mechanic who 1) didn’t overcharge me or 2) treat me as a ditz who doesn’t know anything about cars. Zach does neither. He always tells me the way it is, explaining what I don’t understand and giving me all the information I need to make my own choice about my car repairs. I totally trust him. He’s a gem!"

    Sandra C. - Eugene, OR Ashland Automotive Customer
  •  “I have lived in the Valley for ten years and I finally have a trustworthy master level technician to work on my cars.  Zach is professional and completely trustworthy.  You can’t go wrong when taking your car to get worked on here.”

    David M. - Ashland, OR Ashland Automotive Customer
  • “Well a last minute call to this business and they delivered on their promise. The prices were a bit “Bay Area”, but in this case it was worth it. They are knowledgeable and competent, I liked dealing with them.  They also help people in the community to buy and sell their cars.  Thanks Ashland Automotive.”

    J D. - Ashland Ashland Automotive Customer
  • “I’ve been bringing my Audi here since I moved to Ashland in 2011, and keep coming back. Great service, fair prices and nice people to work with. Zach and his crew are tops!”

    Joseph L. - Ashland, OR Ashland Automotive Customer


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Engine Repair
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