Zach’s Top 3 Tips for Winter Driving

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Winter driving conditions can often spell disaster if not approached from an informed and prepared manor.

We recommend you always over prepare for trips as you never know what might happen in inclement weather conditions. When in doubt or if you are not comfortable with the situation, consider if your trip is worth the additional stress and be open to adjusting plans accordingly.

  1. Plan ahead and have your vehicle serviced at your trusted repair facility, a week or two before your trip. Preventative maintenance services include detailed inspections (30k, 60k, 90k etc.) and are the best way to insure your vehicle’s future. If your shop has recommendations following the inspections, authorize the services to be performed.
  2. Keep your fuel tank full, and plan ahead where/when you’ll fill up.
  3. Make sure to carry chains, emergency blankets, and some food and water in your vehicle if driving over the passes during the season.

We hope you stay safe this winter season and if you are traveling be sure to follow these tips!

Until next time,

Zach Edwards

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