Check Engine Light? What is That Stupid thing Anyway?

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The automotive industry is my profession, and the service side of it has undergone tremendous change. Having studied automotive technology in college, and gained ASE Advanced Level Master Certification, I am obliged to offer some insight regarding the most common myths (as stated by customers) surrounding automotive service and repair.

Is The Check Engine Light A Conspiracy?

Myth – The infamous “Check Engine Light” is just some conspiracy plot by the manufacturer aimed at tricking you to spend money at the dealership.

Truth – The MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) is a light which is controlled completely by the government (there is your conspiracy). The government mandates what can and cannot turn this light on. Only problems resulting in greater-than-allowable emissions (pollution) output can trigger this light. Cars built after 1995 utilize highly sophisticated computerized engine management systems, which greatly reduce tailpipe emissions. If we must drive, lets do our part and keep our vehicles running well.

– Zach, Owner Ashland Automotive

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