Navigating Winter in The Rogue Valley: 5 Benefits of Studless Traction Tires

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Have you heard of studless traction tires? They may deliver exactly what you need this winter.

Our picturesque Rogue Valley can transform into a winter wonderland during the colder months, offering residents and visitors a snowy paradise. While the snow-covered landscapes may be beautiful, they can also present challenges for drivers.

In these conditions, choosing the right tires becomes crucial for your safety and vehicle’s performance.

One of the best choices for winter driving in the Rogue Valley is studless traction tires. Here are five significant benefits of equipping your vehicle with these tires this winter season:

  1. Improved Traction on Snow and Ice
    Studless traction tires are designed with specialized tread patterns and rubber compounds that provide excellent grip on snowy and icy roads. These tires offer enhanced traction and control, helping you navigate the varied winter terrain in and around the area with confidence. Whether you’re driving through Ashland, Medford or beyond, you’ll appreciate the added safety and peace of mind these tires provide.
  2. Enhanced Braking Performance
    When it comes to winter driving, braking is a critical factor in preventing accidents. Studless traction tires deliver superior braking performance on slippery surfaces. The advanced tire technology ensures a quicker response when you hit the brakes, reducing the risk of skidding, or losing control, especially when descending the hilly areas and curves common in our area.
  3. Reduced Road Noise
    Unlike studded tires, studless traction tires generate less road noise. This means a quieter and more comfortable ride, which can make your winter driving experience more pleasant. Whether you’re heading to run errands or simply enjoying the scenic drive, you’ll appreciate the peaceful journey.
  4. Environmentally Friendly Option
    Studless traction tires are an eco-friendly alternative to studded tires, which can damage road surfaces and negatively impact the environment. By choosing studless tires, you contribute to the preservation of our beautiful landscapes and road infrastructure while still benefiting from top-notch winter traction.

BUT ONE WORD OF CAUTION: These tires should be removed when the warmer weather arrives in Spring. Because studless traction tires are made from a softer rubber, they are easily damaged by warm pavement temperatures. In Oregon, studded tires are allowed between November 1 and March 31, and while studless tires don’t technically fall into this category, it is a good rule of thumb to abide by that timing.

Put simply, these tires are a smart choice. They provide improved traction, better braking performance, reduced road noise, extended tread life, and a more eco-friendly option for winter driving.

Before the cold weather settles in, visit Ashland Automotive to equip your vehicle with the right tires. Our experienced technicians will ensure your safety and peace of mind on our beautiful but sometimes challenging winter roads. We also offer a nationwide warranty on our tires, to ensure you are covered no matter where your tires take you!

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