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“As a single woman, it had been difficult to find a mechanic who 1) didn’t overcharge me or 2) treat me as a ditz who doesn’t know anything about cars. Zach does neither. He always tells me the way it is, explaining what I don’t understand and giving me all the information I need to make my own choice about my car repairs. I totally trust him. He’s a gem! “ – Sandra C. Eugene, OR, Yelp

 “I have lived in the Valley for ten years and I finally have a trustworthy master level technician to work on my cars.  Zach is professional and completely trustworthy.  You can’t go wrong when taking your car to get worked on here.” David M. Ashland, OR, Yelp 

“Well a last minute call to this business and they delivered on their promise. The prices were a bit “Bay Area”, but in this case it was worth it. They are knowledgeable and competent, I liked dealing with them.  They also help people in the community to buy and sell their cars.  Thanks Ashland Automotive.” – J D. Ashland, OR, Yelp

“We were visiting Ashland from the CA Bay Area when a loud, nasty dinging sound started coming from my new Civic.  I wanted to get someone to take a quick look (or even listen) and let us know if it was something that could wait until after the drive home to go into the dealership for repair.

I called several shops in the area who said they were booked solid for days.  Worse, they were all quite impolite on the phone and the similarly-named “Ashland Auto Repair” didn’t give us so much as a whiff of helpfulness when I drove into their sloppy shop and tried to step around the oil puddles to find a mechanic.

Noah at Ashland Automotive Inc. was helpful and polite from the first call.  He offered to see us the same day.  I drove in, and a tech was test-driving the car within minutes.

They determined the problem was a simple rock caught in the alloy wheel, took off the wheel and removed it, all within the fifteen minutes’ labor he gave me as the initial quote for diagnosis.  It could have gotten a little uglier if that thing had bounced its way into the disc brakes before they found and pulled it out.

I went in expecting to pay a small amount of labor cost for the peace of mind of diagnosis, and got the problem fixed for the same amount.  In and out in 20 minutes with the problem solved for only the cost of a quarter hour of labor.

I’d definitely recommend saving some time and checking with this shop first if you have a problem with your car in the Ashland area.” – Steven k. San Jose, CA, Yelp

“Great professional service with courtesy and consideration!  Driving through the Ashland pass the brakes on my Lexus were causing the front end to shake. It was very alarming. As we cautiously  reached Ashland we used YELP to find a brake repair shop. We walked into Ashland Automotive where Zach kindly greeted us and help us diagnose the problem. Though extremely busy we had our problem solved in 3 hours.  It was a very hot Aug. day. Zach kindly picked my 89 year old mother, care giver, dog and I up after having lunch so we wouldn’t have to wait out in the hot sun. One hears nightmares about situations like ours. Ashland Automotive was terrific!  We did not have any further problems with the car. Thank you Ashland Automotive.” – Nancy L. Roseburg, OR, Yelp

“I’ve been bringing my Audi here since I moved to Ashland in 2011, and keep coming back. Great service, fair prices and nice people to work with. Zach and his crew are tops!” –  Joseph L. Ashland, OR, Yelp

“No worries, that’s how I feel now when I bring my truck to Ashland Automotive. I brought my truck in for what I thought was a major motor problem. Come to find out is was just something very minor. I felt then that they had an opportunity to take advantage of the situation, as so many other auto mechanics would have, but they didn’t. Instead, they returned my vehicle to me completely fixed with just a small service charge. Their service department was terrific, they spent the time with me and gave me great education about  preventive maintenance. I have since brought my truck in for a number things. Trust can be a hard thing to gain; they certainly have gained my trust now. Thanks Ashland Automotive. Customer for life.” – William O. Ashland, OR, Yelp

Overall Excellent

“You could not ask for a more honest, helpful and reasonable mechanic. Whether your car is making a weird sound, needs a checkup or has been mechanically damaged in an accident, Zach with Ashland automotive is the man for the job… Thanks for your fairness, insight and service!”

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Overall Excellent

My daughter was involved in a motor vehicle accident while visiting Ashland Oregon which left her 4Runner completely disabled. I was referred to Zach and I thank God I was. Zach assessed the damage, gave me an estimate which was extremely reasonable (actually much lower than I had expected). Zach was completely professional, honest and compassionate about our situation while I worked with him long distance from NC. Since Zach knew after the repairs were completed that my daughter was facing a 2700 mile journey home, he also checked/replaced belts, checked all the fluid levels, tire pressure, oil/air filters and everything he could think of to ensure it was road worthy of such a trip. My only regret was that I could not thank him in person for being my daughter’s automotive guardian angel. Zach is an incredible person/auto mechanic/professional/businessman and Ashland OR is enriched by his local presence.

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Overall Excellent

Zack spent a good deal of time with me on the phone and in person and didn’t charge me anything throughout the whole ordeal. He was super helpful, upfront and honest. I’d recommend him to anyone. The waiting room and shop was very clean. We were visiting from California and our car’s transmission started acting up. We couldn’t shift into 1st or 2nd gear. We called around to different shops and picked Ashland Automotive because it had the highest google rating. I spoke to Zack over the phone for about 20 min as I explained the problem and he tried to give me the most accurate diagnosis. I was hoping it wasn’t the transmission and just the clutch but the symptoms were pointing to the more expensive option. Zack gave us several options form dropping in a new transmission to installing in a refurbished unit to just cracking open the existing transmission to see if it was just the clutch. As we drove over to his shop, we realized that we could force the shiffter into 1st if we used a bit of elbow grease. When we got there, Zack let us know that the teeth on one of the wheels inside had probably worn down so that it wasn’t engaging the gear. In the end, we decided to just ride the vehicle home as it was. super stressful thing to happen when you’re on vacation, but Zack made the best of the situation!

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Overall Excellent

We take our toyota tacoma and honda civic to Ashland Automotive. The certified technicians there have always been quick and on -time with our service. We have had our radiator replaced, oil changes, and 60000 mile warrenty check up done there. They explained what work was to be done and what future work we may need for our vehicles. Zach Edwards knows what he is doing and runs a great business that I highly recommend.

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Overall Excellent

This shop is awesome. When I bought my first subaru this summer I wanted someone w/ subaru expertise to check it out. The owner was honest & helpful, & gave me lots of detailed info before I authorized any repairs. Definitely recommend.

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Overall Excellent

Recently took my car to Zach Edwards at Ashland Automotive. His shop is more than immaculately clean, it’s also inviting. He has a relaxing waiting room with David Sherman photographs on the walls. Zach fixed my car quickly and at a great price. He is a “stand up” hard working mechanic.

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Overall Excellent

I’ve been going to Zach for years and he is the most honest and trustworthy mechanic I’ve dealt with in the Rogue Valley. His understanding of newer foreign imports is unmatched. My parents and I have long trusted him with the care of our Audi’s and we’re happy to recommend him to others.












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